Cell phones do help a brain tumor?

Mobile phone is ubiquitous when compared with at any time, and research continues to try to tell apart the relationship between mobile phones and cancer.

A not old study by the National Institutes of Health showed increased brain sport in participants-radiation mobile phone. The proof used PET brain scans to measure blood sugar, and found increased athletics during the regions closest for the antenna of mobile, after 50 minutes of exposure. Despite the increase in athletics is not directly regarding side outcomes, however not the human brain clearly the sensitivity of electromagnetic waves telephony boost other questions.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization on the results of cell phone radiation has been divided as “possibly carcinogenic” label, which puts it in a same category as chloroform, and cause. The largest case-control study of cell phones and cancer, found the Interphone analyze, through which 13 countries for ten years, which is the highest level of mobile phone users, people who use their phone for THIRTY minutes a day for TEN years or more twice as oftentimes, glioma, malignant brain tumors grow. These outcomes are alarming, in particular since the study did not believe that children and young people. Far more somewhat insecure to cell phone radiation in comparison with adults

The tests carried away radiation from mobile phone manufacturers also understates the variety of radiation that people are exposed. A not old analyze of biology and medicine electromagnetic survey was submitted, the testing sector “modeled on a mannequin 6’2, 200 pound man with the phone retained inch ear dummy. proof found that 97 percent of people use this model is unrealistic to change and require a higher exposure.

The Federal Communications Commission demands a phone that has a certain absorption rate (SAR), a measure of the peak of the electromagnetic radiation in a very model, there’s less than 1.6 watts per kilogram. but, the peak SAR values ​​are not real RS for a typical call. Cell phone with a low SAR, the user can set the greater radiation compared to the average that the SAR. A examine conducted by analyze professor of bioengineering, Dr. Henry Lai was conducted have detailed the consequences of loss of memory in rats to values ​​lower in comparison with the SAR 0,0006 to 0.06 watts per kilogram.

In 2010, there are over 223 million mobile phone users in the United States at the age of 13, plus the figure is forever growing. once the CTIA Wireless Association from mobile minutes in total minutes 2,200,000,000,000 America 2009 E Mobile users also beginning at a younger age. Given the important role of mobile phones in our lives along with the growing concern abaway the link among cell phone use and cancer, the regulatory authorities should be thoroughly investigated and mobile users to perform ought to be cautious and take steps to make them reduce the impact of cell phone radiation.

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