How does one Get Lip Cancer?

Lip cancer is categorized in the cluster of oral cancer. Alcohol, tobacco, sun exposure, the (HPV) human papilloma virus, age, gender are some of the same old risk factors that increases the probabilities of getting lip and oral cancers. As per the research of american Cancer Society, among nearly 26, 000 new oral cancer cases that are diagnosed annually in the united states, around ten to fifteen % are lip cancer.

Considering this statistics, a question arises that “how does one get lip cancer? Answering this question can get a bit difficult for doctors as well, since there are no definite causes of this cancer.


The particular explanation for cancer isn’t clear, but multiple factors like use of tobacco and alcohol are linked with its progression. Squalors cells are present on the lip covering and are potential cells to develop this cancer. However, there are another types of cell in the lip that will convert into cancerous cells. Another rare case is when the cells from different body parts move into the lip space. When these cells become cancerous on the lip, they’re metastases of different cancer and not the initial lip cancer. Read more »

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