Asbestos killed my husband

It was just a kid when he started and played the children in his yard with its small cars and trucks tip. But his sand was asbestos blue …

In December 1999, my husband and I were going to play lawn bowls when I was aware of his shortness of breath. I was surprised and concerned when he said that he lived in a few times. In this faith, that such infection on the chest, I made the appointment to another doctor.

Chest X-ray showed fluid in the lungs, more than two liters, which was drained, the relief of Brian, but we had to wait for hard results.Through pathology on the Internet, I know a few terms that may be responsible for the fluid in the lungs, they are: asbestos-related diseases. Brian lived in Wittenoom, as a child, and I was afraid of his diagnosis. Many do not want to disturb him unnecessarily, I do not mention my fears for him. I prayed that he had pleurisy or pneumonia, but the results showed that the pathology of cancer cells are present. Read more »

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