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How to scale back cancer risk

Science has created unimaginable discoveries and achievements of the last century, however we tend to are dying in giant numbers of fatal diseases like cancer. Why are we tend to still thus permit a little? the massive question is the way to scale back cancer risk?

We, as masses are terribly advanced, and would love to think about themselves because the highest. however generally, and in contrast to the remainder of the animal world we’ve lost religion in religion in our instincts.

There is a bug in us that enables us to suffer untold miseries.

We all have a good gift and a present that’s our immune system and also the handiest protection against diseases, together with cancer. thus why did we elect, medicine, take it to destroy?

The answer may be that we were fighting on the assumption that the event of medication against cancer is that the solely approach you’ll be able to stop this deadly disease below management. Read more »