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How Long when You Quit Smoking Before you’re Not in danger For Lung Cancer?

The earlier on in life you stop smoking, the less at risk you are from developing some degree of lung cancer during your lifespan. However, it is difficult to predict exactly when and from what degree of lung cancer you may or may not suffer. Numerous factors need to be considered such as: the age when you began smoking, how long you smoked for, the number of cigarettes you smoked everyday, and how deeply you inhaled while smoking.

Cutting down smoking certainly helps cut the risk of developing lung cancer, but it is not the same as actually giving up all together. An ex-heavy smoker is more at risk of developing lung cancer than an ex-occasional smoker, who is still more at risk of developing the disease than someone who has never smoked before. When smoking is either cut down or stopped all together, the benefits to the body are almost immediate, showing that it is never too late to give-up smoking even after many years. Read more »